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Walking with the Moon

Pregnancy, Birth and Post Partum Doula

About Me

Hi My name is Chiara Cortesi. I'm a mum, professional educator, child-carer, creative mind and also have been a trained and certified doula with the Italian association MondoDoula.


I've been living in Malta with my husband and daughter Violetta since 2015. We chose to live in the locality of Mellieha as apart from it being a beautiful, family friendly neighbourhood, it also gives us the opportunity to enjoy nature, the country-side and the sea. 


My hobbies include. reading, walking, cooking, studying about nutrition and natural cosmesis and practising yoga. I also love to spend time in the sun or doing crafts with my little one.


'Walking with the Moon' is my way of showing women how much I want to support them throughout their journey of motherhood. My aim as a doula is to make each woman's motherhood experience, from pregnancy to the baby's first year of life, the best one possible.


Walking with the Moon is extremely rewarding and gives me the opportunity to meet new mums which I love because apart from building new friendships I constantly continue to learn from each mum. 


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